Vuzix M300 Smart glasses

In everyday work, speed is an important factor. The technology of smart glasses is relatively new, but due to new research, which identifies many advantages, it is increasingly becoming established in different industries precisely because of the time advantages offered by the concept of 'Pick-by-Vision'.

The smart glasses Vuzix M300 just slightly differ from prescription glasses. They use the same frame with an attached monocular screen on which they display content.

The smart glasses technology is becoming more and more popular to use in warehouses, where they are slowly replacing portable scanners and ordering lists, because they enable work according to the concept of 'Pick-by-Vision', which enables the hands-free work of the user, which is reflected in the faster flow of information, productivity increase, minimization of work mistakes... An important advantage is also the ability to share the field of vision of the worker remotely, which enables a quick flow of information and faster resolution f problems in the field work. Smart glasses, therefore, offer favorable solutions in the industry, medicine, supply chains, servicing, remote assistance, etc.

In general, the introduction of smart eyewear is possible in every environment where we have access to the Internet network and thus enable the transfer of data between the user and the database, and it is also possible to use applications that store data on smart goggles.

Vuzix M300 smart glasses work on the Android system, which means compatibility with other Android devices and applications, and are compatible with the iOS operating system.

Important features of the Vuzix M300 smart glasses:

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Monocular screen
  • Taking pictures and filming
  • Flashlight
  • Large internal memory
  • Additional battery
  • Wi-Fi
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems and applications