Pick by vision

The phrase 'Pick-by-Vision' describes an innovation in logistics. It can be achieved via the use of smart glasses, which with the use of WLAN-technology, shares data between WMS and commissioner and displays them in the commissioner's line of sight. This is also known as Augmented Reality (AR) assisted picking.

All the needed information (position, item, quantity) is displayed by the smart glasses. They can also be used to track the position of the commissioner and his line of sight with the help of an in-built tracking system. This also allows the use of virtual objects, which can as an example be presented in the form of arrows or guidelines, which can be used to guide the employee through the warehouse.

Pick-by-Vision also enables the feedback of information from the worker to the underlying system (eg. Warehouse Management System). This can be done via the touchpad, entering data manually, voice input or scanning the barcodes and RFID tags in the warehouse.

Pick-by-Vision is an ideal solution as most of the information we get from our surroundings is acquired via vision thus resulting in an increase in productivity and effectiveness. 

  • Reduction of incorrect picks (an increase of quality through the visual display of information)
  • Reduction of times (an increase of productivity through the display of multiple information)
  • Fast learning (via strict process control and display in the field of view)
  • Alternative to Pick-by-Voice and Pick-by-Light
The current users are mainly large production and logistics companies, such as DHL, Opel, Samsung, and Volkswagen.