Scandit Case

Smartphone or dedicated scanner for your warehouse? The general rule is that smartphones usually cost less, but their scanning times are slower, while scanners usually cost more and scan faster. Have you ever wondered if you could combine the two benefits of low-cost AND fast scanning? Now you can - with the Scandit Case!

Scandit Case provides the protection, ergonomics, durability, and accuracy needed to turn consumer smartphones into enterprise scanning devices at a fraction of the total cost of ownership. It has no fragile components and allows the use of all other smartphone functions.

The housing allows a more natural scanning position over the offset prism for more efficient scanning and uses a phone flashlight for pointing and illuminating. Since it contains no electronic parts, it works without additional battery consumption.

Efficient Scanning with Split View Technology
Split-view technology lets the user choose the preferred scanning method: perform traditional forward, point-to-scan barcode reading with an aiming light, or scan via the camera viewfinder for scanning multiple barcodes at once comparable to image capturing.