Pros and cons of cloud based WMS

WMS and supply chain systems change and improve constantly. The latest innovations, that allow them to do that, are cloud-based services. As a result, more and more companies are switching to SaaS-based software (software as a service), which allows them to reach the ERP level only for fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining their own internal system. One of the most potential cloud-based applications is WMS. Its implementation can bring many benefits, and sometimes some weaknesses.

Why choose cloud-based WMS?
According to many studies, the use of WMS in the cloud has many advantages over conventional WMS systems. The main advantages that it offers are:
·       Tracking inventory and activities in a warehouse regardless of location or device - only an internet connection is required
·       Transfer of IT responsibilities to the provider (security, maintenance)
·       Efficiency increase
·       Optimization of transport and logistics through greater traceability
·       Compatibility with other SCM systems (YMS, TMS)
·       Constant customer support

It is difficult to list all the benefits that the implementation of cloud-based WMS brings with it, but from research and experience it is evident that these innovative solutions are the most important for the development and future of the company. Upgrading to WMS in the cloud allows the company to remain competitive in the modern world of digital supply chains.

Disadvantages of implementation?
As with all evolving technologies, after the introduction of a new system, we may expect some inconveniences. The main disadvantage of the customers is usually a slower system response time, which is usually accompanied by limited functionality, compared to the previous system, and poor compatibility with the latter. The main reason for the emergence of these problems is that most of the main providers of WMS systems continue to develop their cloud services on the basis of traditional systems and thus have failed to achieve the new SaaS principle, which requires an entirely new approach. 
Nevertheless, the expansion of the market and the benefits offered by cloud services encourage more and more companies to move their system to the cloud, thereby gaining many benefits. This also increases the number of providers who optimize and upgrade their services to achieve the best results, which together contribute to the increased demand for SaaS WMS systems.

HydraWarehouse solution

Based on years of experience and a good knowledge of user needs, we have created SaaS to support internal logistics – HydraWarehouse, a cloud-based WMS. The team understands that the right choice of software is the key to avoiding weaknesses and risks that prevent the benefits of this modern technology.